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Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / Re: My Neo Game Of the Day!
« on: April 23, 2017, 07:16:39 PM »
I wish this place could get revitalized. . I see new stuff about Neo Geo CD on youtube/facebook fairly regularly. I think the interest is out there. . .but I think planning and opportunity would have to come together in JUST the right way! Oh well, I remembered these forums and decided to make a visit!

I've done a lot of collecting in the last few years. The console which I have done the most collecting for is, of course, my beloved CDZ! I am now 2 titles short of a complete collection, and it has been SO fun tracking them all down! Maybe it is material for a new topic, but I would love to hear about how everybody else's collections have grown/contracted over the last few years!

In keeping with the original topic. . .today, I plan to play Burning Fight (guilty pleasure - I own so many beat em ups, from the Streets of Rage series to the obscure Japanese "Hot Blooded Family" on my Saturn. . .for some reason, Burning Fight's quirkiness keeps me coming back!), The Super Spy (I haven't played through in a LONG time. . .thought it would be fun to go through again!), and Karnov's Revenge (LOVE Karnov's Revenge, and the CD version is the best). It has been almost five years. . .I want to hear what everybody else has been playing!

Years can pass, but I will always start right where I left off!

I have since purchased Treasure of the Caribbean and Bang Bang Busters. I consider Treasure of the Caribbean to be a throw-away title. It feels unfinished, it has very little in the way of graphics/sound, and it just doesn't impress me very much. Understand, I do enjoy puzzle games. . .but on a console with Twinkle Star Sprites, or Puzzle Bobble, or even Zintrick (which is my not so guilty pleasure), why bother with a sub-par puzzle title? Opinions may vary, and I am happy to listen to them. . .but to me, ToC is a stinker.

On the other hand, I very much enjoy Bang Bang Busters. Honestly, I could not put it better than retro junkie - mix of Parasol Stars and Snow Brothers. . .I would throw Buster Brothers in, too! The gameplay is very enjoyable. . .this title was obviously either VERY far along/complete in development! It is not a cultural revolution, and its style is obviously unoriginal. .but it is a very fun, shallow 2D arcade title. And, isn't that why we all love the Neo? It is a fun little romp, great fun with a second player. . .this is the type of game you can probably get your wife to play - definitely worked with Mrs. Chemist!

Now, once I can talk myself into it, I will have to pick up Last Hope. I hear great things about it. I am determined to get every Neo CD release. I am only 3 down! I've been busy in the intervening years, lol.

I've got to admit, I checked out some footage of Bang Bang Busters and it looks REALLY fun. I would really like to own it. I don't think that the prices that are being asked on eBay are worth it for an "unofficial" release, however.

Hey, all! It's been a little while!

So, ever since I set my CDZ up in the living room of my newest apartment, I have felt more than slightly "inconvenienced" by the absurdly short controller cords. (As in, I had to drag it out to the middle of my room and sit on the floor in front of my sofa every time I wanted to play it  :lol)

Enter my search for extension cords.
Sure, there are official SNK-brand extension cords floating around eBay for well in excess of $50. There are even cords made by well-meaning members of the online Neo Geo community which STILL go for $25 or more per cord. I am WAY too much of a tightwad to pay that much for an accessory which I DON'T plan on making the centerpiece of my collection.

There is precious little info online, but it is wholly possible to buy a DB-15 extension cord, as was commonly used in early-late 90's computer peripherals, and "modify" them ever so slightly to fit in the Neo Geo controller port. It took me an exacto, a red sharpie to mark the areas for cutting, and about 30 minutes of my time. The end price? 11 bucks for both control ports, and, I should mention, both work perfectly, adding 6' of length. The shade of black even matches the color of my old-school joystick controllers almost perfectly!

 I'm fairly certain that the rules on this site are restrictive of outside links; I will only say that such older computer hardware is readily available on popular auction sites for a beggar's pittance.

If you didn't know, you do now! Happy gaming!

Haha, sorry! Guess I didn't even expect a reply.

I LOVE the CDZ. Loading is extremely fast, and I love its smaller, sleeker design. Another huge plus is that games automatically load at the outset; there is no need to wait for the cd player screen to come up. Add it all up and it is a very worthy purchase. I just stumbled on it browsing my local craigslist is the most amazing thing!

It's funny you say you are playing SS2, that is the last game I played, as well. So SO good. Even better with a joystick!

I'm not sure what games I'll try to buy next, but I'm in the mood for another shooter or action. Made any purchases lately?

Thought I would drop back in here after such a hiatus!

It's been a while; I've graduated, moved to a new city, started a new job, and more importantly, GOT A CDZ today!!!!!

Getting a new CDZ and a few new games rekindled my interest in this console and games. Somebody come bring this place back to life with me!

There are five in all. You may already know this, but in case you don't. . .
Protip: Get a second player to join in. When you die, you don't start back at a previous point. :)

Viewpoint is awesome, isn't it? It is, however, WAAYYY too hard. I can't get past the 2nd level. :lol

I agree with you about Joy Joy Kid. Its faults in terms of speed and difficulty are both its greatest asset and liability. It is horribly unforgiving, but it is also a lot of fun. And, being the quickest-loading CD title, it's fun to pop in now and then just to see how quick you can get pwned.

I LOVE Last Resort. I can't encourage you strongly enough to spend some serious time with it. Everything from the Akira-esque cityscapes to the AWESOME soundtrack just make this one hold a place so close to my heart.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Bday CutChemist!
« on: July 06, 2009, 01:01:02 AM »
Gosh, a topic of my very own? Thanks very much!

Not sure what all I am getting yet, but I do know about one thing. A friend of mine is giving me his Sega CD. Included in the package is some of the console's most hallowed titles, like Sonic CD, Rise of the Dragon, Snatcher, et al. I am very excited about that!

Well, my review of Aggressors of Dark Kombat was put up recently; I know because blu emailed me. Beyond that, I don't think there has been anything?

I have a Japanese 1X Top Loader with box/english and japanese manuals/all cables. that I would love to trade for a CDZ *winks at the Game Addiction Store from across the room*  :lol

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / Re: Aggressor of Dark Kombat/GanGan
« on: April 12, 2009, 03:15:42 PM »
I LOVE this game. You'll have to read my review and let me know what you think. I agree that the depth of the title is amazing; I was expecting a fairly generic fighter when I first popped it in; boy was I surprised!

I have been wanting to try out all the characters, myself. Fuuma is my main man.

I for one would certainly frequent your store. As a matter of fact, I am looking to buy myself a CDZ as a graduation present. Were the egameaddicition store to stock one sometime this summer, I would likely jump at the chance.

I have yet to take photos of my whole collection. Here goes my list, for the curious.

Neo Geo MVS
Art of Fighting
Art of Fighting 2
Baseball Stars Professional
Bust A Move
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury Special
Karnovís Revenge
King of Fighters 94
Magician Lord
Metal Slug 2
Ninja Commando
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown IV
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Perfect

Neo Geo CD
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Art of Fighting 2
Baseball Stars Professional 2
Blueís Journey
Burning Fight
Crossed Swords
Double Dragon
Fatal Fury Special
Fatal Fury 3
King of Fighters 94
King of Fighters 95
King of Fighters 96 Collection
King of Fighters 98
Last Blade 2
Last Resort
League Bowling
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Riding Hero
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown II
Samurai Shodown III
Savage Reign
Sengoku II
Sonic Wings 2
Super Spy, The
Thrash Rally
World Heroes
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Perfect

Sega Genesis/32X/CD

Altered Beast
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Crusader of Centy
Desert Strike
Legend of Oasis
Lightening Force
Shining Force
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
Cosmic Carnage
Knuckles Chaotix
Mortal Kombat II
Shadow Squadron
Star Wars Arcade
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing Deluxe
Zaxxonís Motherbase 2000

Air Combat
Battle Arena Toshinden 2
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(original)
Final Fantasy Tactics(original)
Jumping Flash!
Jumping Flash!2
Ogre Battle
PS Underground Jampack Demo
Robo Pit 2
Sol Divide
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Suikoden II
Tekken II
Tokyo Highway Battle
Umjammer Lammy

Art of Fighting Anthology
Capcom Classics Collection, Vol. 1
Capcom Classics Collection, Vol. 2
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1
SNK Classics Collection, Vol 1
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Taito Classics Collection
(. . .I only really use my PS2 to play classics, heh!)

Sega Saturn
1 boxed US console, 1st gen
RAM cart
Pro Action Replay Plus 4-in-1
ST Key
6 Player Adapter
2 Black Japanese Stunners
2 1st gen US controllers
2 2nd gen US controllers
1 unboxed 3D control pad
1 boxed 3D control pad
1 Virtua Stick
Sub Pop music CD
Panzer Dragoon demo
Bootleg Sampler
Sega Saturn choice cuts
Sega Screams Volume 1
NiGHTs into dreams. .sampler

Assault Suit Leynos 2
Dracula X
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Force II
Keio Yugekitai
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Skull Fang
Virtua Cop

Albert Odyssey: The Legend of Eldean
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix
Battle Arena Toshinden URA
Bust A Move 2
Christmas NiGHTs
Darius Gaiden
Daytona USA
Die Hard Arcade
Dragon Force
Earthworm Jim 2
F1 Challenge
Fighters Megamix
Fighting Vipers
Galactic Attack
Guardian Heroes
Iron Storm
Last Bronx
Legend of Oasis
Mortal Kombat II
NiGHTs into dreams. .
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Robo Pit
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
Sega Rally Championship
Shining the Holy Ark
Shining Wisdom
Shinobi Legions
Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic Jam
Sonic R
Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter: The Movie
Tomb Raider
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Virtua Cop
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter Remix
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Racing

Turbo Duo/PC Engine

Bloody Wolf
Bomberman Ď93
Dragonís Curse
Dragon Spirit
Fantasy Zone
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
The Legendary Axe
Ninja Spirit
Parasol Stars
Tricky Kick
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Samurai Ghost (Import)
China Warrior

3-in-1 (Bomberman, Bonkís Adventure, Bonkís Revenge, Gate of Thunder)
Fighting Street
Lords of Thunder
Ys Book I & II
Art Of Fighting
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury Special
Cosmic Fantasy II

1 Top Loader
1 Side Loader
Blaster Master
Burai Fighter
Castlevania II: Simonís Quest
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Guardian Legend
The Legend of Zelda
Mega Man
Mega Man 3
Monster Party
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
Solomonís Key
Super C
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
T& C Surf Designs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Wrath of the Black Manta

Game Genie

Art of Fighting
Castlevania IV
Fatal Fury Special
Fighterís History
Final Fantasy III
Final Fight
Lufia II
Pocky & Rocky
Secret of Mana
Super Gameboy(2)
Super Mario RPG
Super Metroid
World Heroes

wireless controllers

Space Shuttle
Guardian War
Return Fire
Return Fire: Maps O' Death
Star Control 2
Blade Force
Autobahn Tokio
The Horde
Theme Park
Total Eclipse
Space Pirates
Ballz: The Directors Cut
Way of the Warrior
Wolfenstein 3D
Samurai Shodown
Lucienne's Quest
Sailor Moon Super S
Bust A Move
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse 2
Phoenix 3
Super Street FIghter II Turbo
Shadow: War of Succession
Doctor Hauzer
Blue Forest Monogatari
Grand Chef

. . .I also have an Atari 2600 with Wireless controllers and about 50 carts I haven't had time to catalog.

Oh, man! I used to own that one!

1994, for me, is THE year in gaming.

I have been playing a good bit of the World Heroes series lately. Talking about them in another topic got me interested in playing them all and teasing the differences out of each.

A four-part review on each of the World Heroes installments? I'm just crazy enough to try it.

Believe me, I understand the insanely busy thing. I'm trying to earn a master's degree by May right now. But, our Neo Geo CD's have given us so many good times, we owe it our very best. Besides, who needs sleep?

I was trying to contribute months ago, shouldn't it go without saying? :lol

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / Re: New to neo cd
« on: February 20, 2009, 12:00:53 PM »
Congrats on your deal! World Heroes Perfect is awesome on cd, isn't it? I would consider the loads on Perfect to be mid-range for CD load times.

To reiterate Retro, older games(1990-1993 or so) especially the non-fighters, can be grouped into the low-end. Generally a one-time load. Check out the first World Heroes on CD for a great example of a one-time loading fighting game with an awesome remixed soundtrack.

Perfect is a good example of mid range, Loads after every match, but I clocked them at about 12 seconds per match, not bad.

Where you get into high end territory is with games like Last Blade, the later King of Fighters, and the other "big" fighters from the late 90's. In these cases, you sit through loads not just to fight, but for post-fight victory screens and such. The upside to these titles is that they generally offer an option to cut down on loads, by offering a bare-bones character select screen, and no pre and post-fight hoopla.

Keep in mind, some games are anomalous; I agree with retro that Jet loads a bit long. What is really bad is that plain World Heroes 2 loads longer than 2 Jet or Perfect. There is a remarkable level of disparity in loading for the Heroes series, with the fastest loading being the first and last installments.

Breakers is a later title with sophisticated graphics. . .I bet it will be on the higher end. Let us know what you think of it!

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / Re: Samurai Shodown III
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:42:56 AM »
I will agree that Samurai III's AI can be. . .challenging.

I think that my general strategy versus the AI in Samurai III is similar to that of another SNK fighter with an even more unbearable AI. . Art of Fighting 2.

It is mostly a matter of learning what the AI tends to do, and then giving it no quarter. AI wants to be cheap? You've got to play cheaper. Zankuro used to pwn me until I discovered that beating him was a simple matter of picking a character with a decent reach (ie Ukyo), blocking his wide-arc slash, and countering with a hard slash immediately after.
Beats 'em every time.

I have been playing mine in 2009!! I played Samurai 3 the other day for a while.

To be the ugly duckling of the series, 3 sure does have a certain charm to it. Although the 2nd installment is a work of art, and I fell in love with the first as a wee lad, I think the third never gets its due. I appreciate the darker aesthetic, and I absolutely LOVE the soundtrack(although a Samurai with a bad soundtrack does not exist). Sure, 4 expanded on it and improved many of its faults, but 3 is a perfectly legitimate game on its own.

Speaking of games from 1993 that I fell in love with, I really need to drag out Fatal Fury Special sometime soon. . .

Heh. There is no shame in liking the 3DO.

I just bought my first 3DO this past month. I have been loving SSF2T and Guardian War. Once I get done with Guardian War, it is on to Lucienne's Quest. That console has some amazing under-the-radar titles.

To keep it on topic. . . . . . . .what price would you consider "too much" for a CD title you really wanted that was also deemed collectible? I can't decide. I usually flinch if it gets into the 80 dollar range.

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / Re: First Impressions
« on: January 28, 2009, 11:52:32 AM »
I feel compelled to respond to the discussion of the "gf factor".  It certainly is a phenomenon unique to the Neo Geo.

Neo Geo has a perfect cutesy title to "ease" girls into it with Bust A Move. From there, there are many cool female characters in most of the 2D fighters for them to play as. My lady's favorites are Cham Cham, Yuri Sakazaki, and Mai Shiranui.

I would say that Neo Geo has been a boon to my own relationship, and it appears that the rest of you would agree.

Oh, and Dr_Ackula, as far as meeting your wife on a Neo Geo forum, that is honestly the coolest thing I have ever heard! You are living out many a geeky high school daydream.

I dont collect just to collect. I really need to WANT to own a game to purchase it. So for me, a game has to be fun over any need to have a certain disc, whether it be for art or the rarity of the item.

I couldn't agree with you more. Although I have nothing against those who collect, it does nothing for me. Games were originally made to be played, and I can't rationalize shelling out top dollar for something that will only give me bragging rights on the internet.

That said, there ARE some expensive, collectible games I want to own so I can play them. Ninja Masters, Pulstar, et al. are games I plan to actively pursue.

My, my! If this topic is any indication, I believe we could be in the opening throes of a Neo Geo CD renaissance!

Welcome to all the new faces! (I'm a relative newb, myself)

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