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Hey, all! It's been a little while!

So, ever since I set my CDZ up in the living room of my newest apartment, I have felt more than slightly "inconvenienced" by the absurdly short controller cords. (As in, I had to drag it out to the middle of my room and sit on the floor in front of my sofa every time I wanted to play it  :lol)

Enter my search for extension cords.
Sure, there are official SNK-brand extension cords floating around eBay for well in excess of $50. There are even cords made by well-meaning members of the online Neo Geo community which STILL go for $25 or more per cord. I am WAY too much of a tightwad to pay that much for an accessory which I DON'T plan on making the centerpiece of my collection.

There is precious little info online, but it is wholly possible to buy a DB-15 extension cord, as was commonly used in early-late 90's computer peripherals, and "modify" them ever so slightly to fit in the Neo Geo controller port. It took me an exacto, a red sharpie to mark the areas for cutting, and about 30 minutes of my time. The end price? 11 bucks for both control ports, and, I should mention, both work perfectly, adding 6' of length. The shade of black even matches the color of my old-school joystick controllers almost perfectly!

 I'm fairly certain that the rules on this site are restrictive of outside links; I will only say that such older computer hardware is readily available on popular auction sites for a beggar's pittance.

If you didn't know, you do now! Happy gaming!

Thought I would drop back in here after such a hiatus!

It's been a while; I've graduated, moved to a new city, started a new job, and more importantly, GOT A CDZ today!!!!!

Getting a new CDZ and a few new games rekindled my interest in this console and games. Somebody come bring this place back to life with me!

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / 'Guilty Pleasures'
« on: July 11, 2008, 05:32:34 PM »
These threads are always fun, because it is cool to see what lesser-known and generally dumped-on games are some player's favorites!

On CD, I will admit to having a particular affinity for Puzzled/Joy Joy Kid and Riding Hero.

I have already talked about Puzzled, but I have yet to admit my appreciation for Riding Hero.
There is nothing stellar about it; it is a mostly generic 2D motorcycle racer in the vein of Hang On and Road Rash, but it has a unique Story Mode that makes it worth dragging out for a while.
I have combed the internet for reviews/FAQs for it, and I have turned up nothing. This does appear to be one of the Neo's black sheep; even stinkers like Legend of Success Joe(bleck!) have FAQ's and reviews. If you enjoy shallow 2D racing fun, I suggest picking it up.

My love of unorthodox 2D fighters is well-attested; the World Heroes series is among my favorites, and I also enjoy Karnov's Revenge, Savage Reign, and Aggressors of Dark Kombat. Magician Lord is one of my favorite platform games of all time.

Anybody else?

Neo Geo CD Gameplay Discussion / First Impressions
« on: June 25, 2008, 07:08:29 PM »
I just got my Neo CD package today, and I am currently in the depths of a gaming binge. In the interests of kick-starting the conversation here, I thought I would list my impressions. Feel free to agree, disagree, comment, or whatnot!

King of Fighters '95: I started with this title, and I wish I hadn't. In my opinion, the load times are painful. Because of the loading between rounds, and the fact that rounds are generally over in 30 seconds or less, this actually resulted in me waiting more than I was playing. The cool character portraits between rounds couldn't save me from quickly picking something else up.

Samurai Shodown II: This was my first game on cart, so I was prepared to be disappointed. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I loved the rearranged music, the load times are EXTREMELY reasonable, and I only detected missing frames in Earthquake's standing animation, which may or may not be my eyes deceiving me. An A++++ title!

Aggressors of Dark Kombat: Unorthodox 2D fighters like this are my bread-and-butter. Very reasonable load times, unique gameplay. I plan on spending more time with this one.

World Heroes 2 Jet: Another one of my favorites. This is a clear example of loading done right. One load before you fight all 3 characters, and then it's uninterrupted game time. My only gripe is that the remixed soundtrack actually doesn't sound as good as the cart in some cases, IMO. Minor gripe, though.

Samurai Shodown: What?! The classic intro, complete with falling cherry blossoms and slashed lamps is missing? Heresy! On the gameplay front, perfect. The remixed soundtrack is very nice. Loading times are painless.

Samurai Shodown III: I see why CD owners always talk about this game. Phenomenal in every respect. 2 was always my favorite; this may give it some competition!

Metal Slug 2: As an owner of the MVS version, I will tell you all that the CD version is incredible. The loading is quick, and I actually prefer the fact that it is spaced throughout the levels. Combat School and the art gallery provide enough CD-specific perks to make this my favorite version.

Savage Reign: Why have I never heard anyone say something positive about this one? The character designs are entertaining, the gameplay is solid, and it has the most unique 'now loading' screens I've witnessed yet: each of the game's cast tell you jokes while you wait! I have seen more than one for each character, I am interested in seeing how many there are.

. . .and that is where I stand now. I have 20 games left to try. I will add impressions as I go!

Greetings all! I have owned AES and MVS format, but I have been pining for a CD for quite a while.
I recently won a big Neo CD auction and since I can barely contain my excitement until it gets here, I thought I would tell you all about what is part of the package.
Besides a top-loader in its original box, it also includes:
Aggressors of Dark Kombat-US
Burning Fight-JP
Baseball Stars 2-JP
Crossed Swords-JP
Double Dragon-US
Fatal Fury 2-3
Fatal Fury Special
Joy Joy Kid-JP
KOF 94-95 and 98
Last Resort-JP
Metal Slug 2-JP
Samurai Shodown 1-3 
Savage Reign-JP
Sengoku 2-JP
Sonic Wings 2
Riding Hero-JP
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special-JP
The Super Spy-JP
World Heroes-US
World Heroes Jet-JP

I am altogether too titillated. 2D gaming bliss is on its way to my mailbox. Which ones should I check out first?

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