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Rules Regarding The Forums and Chat (updated 5/8/11)
« on: June 15, 2004, 05:29:15 PM »
For the most part we have no problems at this board.  I just want to make things clear so that NEW & Existing members know what is expected when posting on this board and using the chat room.

Chatroom Rules (click the chat button at the top of the forum)
2.) No racial comments
3.) No Obscene discussions
4.) Please keep the chatroom decent for ALL members so everyone can enjoy it.
5.) No Spam or advertisement links WHAT-SO-EVER
6.) NO Links to Obscene Material... as described in the forum rules below #7.
7.) If obscene pictures are found (yes, your custom templates are stored on my webserver), You will be perma banned... and we might consider taking the chat down OR disabling that feature.  Please do not abuse it.
8.) Any posting of material that can be deemed as illegal is not allowed. This includes scams, ways to commit crimes as stated in local, state and federal laws, etc.

Forum Rules
1.) If you need help please go here or email one of the Mods or the Admin.
3.)  NO Spam or advertisement links WHAT-SO-EVER (This includes free items, pyramid schemes.. etc.)
4.)  NO posting of nasty, indecent, or obscene images allowed.  Let me define that....  no revealing pictures in the slightest bit.... and we mean slightest bit.  No severe violence... graphic gore...etc.  We do not take this lightly, so if in doubt... do not post it. If it's not work safe, it's probably not safe for the forum, either.
5.) NO racial comments.
6.) I know people do not always get along, but FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
7.)  Enjoy, meet new people, and engage in good discussion.
8.) Do not just post "irrelevant material."  This is a gaming board; please try to keep to the topics.  You can post different stuff in the general topic section.
9.) NO ROMS/ROMZ/EMUS/BURNT GAMES/MODDING... or any other "illegal" gaming links will be allowed.  This is strictly enforced. Game Addicts does not endorse in any way, shape, or form the use of emulators, roms, CD-RS, pirated games, mod chips, or anything else that is not made directly by the manufacturor or used in conjunction with the intended original system.
10.) THERE WILL BE NO HARASSING OF ANY KIND VIA PM.  No downgrading comments, slandering, etc.  THIS WILL BE PUNISHABLE.  Furthermore what you say about a person in writing can be held against you and in some cases can be illegal.  Appropriate action will be taken if this happens.
11.)  Members caught trying to get around the cuss filter will get 1 temp ban.  On the 2nd offense, there will be a permanent ban.
13.)  Please do what you can not to derail a topic.  If it is worthy to put in a new topic, please do that.  In the specific gaming forum areas (such as Wii, Xbox 360, etc), please keep the posts on target.  We'll allow some topic straying in the General Discussion Forum....  but random posts that mean nothing to a thread can go into the "Post It" thread in general discussion.  That is the anything and everything thread.  This helps us keep discussions on topic, and to keep the content rich.
14.) Any posting of material that can be deemed as illegal is not allowed. This includes scams, ways to commit crimes as stated in local, state and federal laws, etc.
15.) No baiting.  Baiting - Posting a response (on topic or not) only to incite a harsh reaction from someone for the sole purpose of starting an argument.
16.) Trying to impersonate a mod in any fashion (making your username Mai Va1entine or MegaDrive2OXX for example) will result in an instant ban.

1.) same rules as above... less strict with cussing of course.  
2.) if in doubt... don't link.

Last... If you want to post up in the Fun & Games forum... that is totally fine by us!! It is there because  people wanted it and seem to enjoy it.  All we ask is that you also contribute to other "On Topic Gaming Discussion" as well.  This helps add to the boards in more than one area (Fun and Games). It should be noted that post count in the Fun & Games forum is disabled, so any posts made there do not count towards your post count.

These rules are strictly enforced by the moderators and admins.  Normally we give 1 chance.... but that is in the discretion of mods and admins.

If you have questions, please contact one of the mods or myself.

We want to make this place fun for all ages, hence the somewhat strict rules.  But.... with the above, we can have a better community with a lot less junk.

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