Author Topic: My Neo Game Of the Day!  (Read 17000 times)

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Re: My Neo Game Of the Day!
« Reply #25 on: April 23, 2017, 07:16:39 PM »
I wish this place could get revitalized. . I see new stuff about Neo Geo CD on youtube/facebook fairly regularly. I think the interest is out there. . .but I think planning and opportunity would have to come together in JUST the right way! Oh well, I remembered these forums and decided to make a visit!

I've done a lot of collecting in the last few years. The console which I have done the most collecting for is, of course, my beloved CDZ! I am now 2 titles short of a complete collection, and it has been SO fun tracking them all down! Maybe it is material for a new topic, but I would love to hear about how everybody else's collections have grown/contracted over the last few years!

In keeping with the original topic. . .today, I plan to play Burning Fight (guilty pleasure - I own so many beat em ups, from the Streets of Rage series to the obscure Japanese "Hot Blooded Family" on my Saturn. . .for some reason, Burning Fight's quirkiness keeps me coming back!), The Super Spy (I haven't played through in a LONG time. . .thought it would be fun to go through again!), and Karnov's Revenge (LOVE Karnov's Revenge, and the CD version is the best). It has been almost five years. . .I want to hear what everybody else has been playing!