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Rules of the Board... please read before posting
« on: October 05, 2004, 03:16:45 PM »
The rules are here to make this place fun and safe for all to view at work, home, and with the family. Please read them over and follow them..... so this place can be enjoyed by all.

1.) You will refrain from Cussing
2.) We will not tolerate the posting pictures with Nudity, ANYthing revealing, Even the slightest revealing picture will be moderated with high discretion. Everything will be kept decent. You will have 1 warning, and then be banned for offenses in this category. We want to keep this site safe for viewing at the work place, in front of your family, friends, young kids, etc. We want everyone to be able to enjoy this site, please respect everyone on this rule. The same goes for graphicly violet pictures.
3.) Flaming WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! 1 Warning is all we give. After the 1st warning, The person responsible will be banned... No Questions asked.
4.) There will be NO Prejudice remarks..... THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
5.) Links to sites and Pictures MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE TO #2! All else will be deleted, and the offending member will be warned, and banned on the 2nd offense.
6.) There will be no link to ROMS, Emulators, or any sites that gives information on them. The owner of does not support this, and these will not be tolerated. General discussion is ok... but distributing and playing games that are not originals WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON THIS SITE.
7.) There will be no selling allowed (other than Game Addiction) on the message boards.
8.) ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM. All spam will die.
9.) HAVE FUN! That is why this site is here. You can have fun while respecting others... that is all we ask.

Offenses: There will be 1 warning, upon the 2nd offense... the offending user will be banned.

more to come later.

~BV :hat
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