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Welcome to neogeocd.net, a site dedicated to the Neo Geo CD system.



04-04-09:  Guess What?  We're back!  We are working on new updates for
neogeocd.net.  A few neogeocd.net members are writing reviews, game page content, codes,
master list data, and other content for the site.  We are working on 1 update per month.  The
updates will fall around the 1st Saturday of every month.  So far, we have 5 new reviews to
add to the site.  The reviews will be uploaded between 04-04-09 and 04-05-09.  I added one
update to the masterlist.  Forum member 8man supplied proof that the English version of
Baseball Stars Professional exists.  There will be an update coming to the masterlist.  We will
add images for proof of games.  If a member submits, they will be noted by the image.  This
will add credibility to our information.

Want to help neogeocd.net as well?  Please sign up at the Game Addicts Forums and visit the
neogeocd.net section.  The official content help thread is located here.  We would like to see
you posting at the boards as well! 

Last, the content management system plan is still in progress.  More information on this will
be posted in the near future.  There are big plans for the future for the neogeocd.net
and egameaddiction.com websites.  We hope you will supply your input as we work
to improve the sites.  Keep checking back for new updates!

03-02-07:  I am still working on the major overhaul of the site.  Unfortunately, I had
to take care of some issues during the last year and that put me behind on the site project.
Keep checking back as we will be moving to a new format... ALTHOUGH the old format will
stay in place where it is now.  We hope to have more load times, reviews, codes, and a good
amount of information for the new site before we change to the Content management System.
Since January, I've done many little (very minor) changes to the master list, and have added
some new information. 

Finally, if you would like to help with neogeocd.net, we could use the help!  We need code,
review, faq, and news writers.   If you are interested... please post here at the forums:
Post here at the forums and help with neogeocd.net.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

01-11-06:  A major overhaul is coming to the neogeocd.net site!  Keep checking back!
This overhaul will allow us to easily update AND make updates much faster.  All old pages will
remain in their current locations and we'll link back to them once everything is up in place.


     08-26-05:  A  Review has been added to Neogeocd.net.  Thanks go out to go_left
for submitting the review for Ghost Pilots.  You can view the review here

If you have reviews / FAQs that you would like to submit, please visit the forums and post up
which you would like to do.  Any content would be appreciated.

     06-05-05:  Another Review has been added to Neogeocd.net.  Thanks go out to Qube
for submitting the review for Aero Fighters 2.  We have another 2 - 3 to add in the next couple days. 

We are looking for help with the neogeocd.net site and forums.  Please see the forum topic here.
If you feel you can help, please post up.


     04-08-05:  We have made a couple more master list changes.  We filled in some
information for Last Blade 2, Art of Fighting, and about 6 other games.   We are also in the
process of developing many more games pages for ALL Neo Geo CD games.  Look in the near
future for new information on Pulstar, Last Blade 2, and more!  We also have 2-3 more reviews
going up in the next week.  If you want to help make reviews for the neogeocd.net site, please
email: sales@egameaddiction.com OR post at our forums (link it above in the menu bar).

We are still running the mini review contest with Game Addiction.  As before, click here for details.
The prize for this mini review contest is a $10 gift certificate to the Game Addiction store.  This
Contest will go to 05-02-05.  Larger contests will be held in the future... this is just a mini side contest.
If you have questions or comments on this site, please send them to our email address, or post on
the message board.  We'd like to hear from you on what you would like to see, see more of, etc.


     03-11-05:  We have made a few more master list changes.  Only a couple additions
this time.  IF you look at the menu bar above, you will see a new section called "games."  We are
now starting our game sections.  Please go in there and view the 2 examples that we have made.
Finishing the game pages will be time consuming and we won't have many to look through for
awhile.  Also, we want your reviews!  If you have Neo Geo CD reviews and would like to share
them with the site, please do!  Send them to: sales@egameaddiction.com.  Also, please take time
and visit the forums.  We are gaining more members, and we would like to have more members
for the Neogeocd.net discussion.

Finally, we are having a small review contest: click here for details.  If you would like to join up,
you could win $10 to the Game Addiction store.  This is good for all products at the store.


    01-31-05:  Under the Miscellaneous section, we just added the site archive.  This section will
be an archive of old Neo Geo CD sites.  We hope you enjoy the new addition.  Our 1st site will be
added very soon.  Please click here for the archive.


     01-31-05:  The Miscellaneous and game sections are up.  They are still under development
but you can check them out for the time being.  We have uploaded commercials into the miscellaneous
section and we have a lot more planned for it.  The game section is up and still being developed for.
Enjoy the commercials!  We'll post up when more is added.

    01-28-05:  We are coming back very shortly with many new site features.  The menu bar
has changed, and you'll see a "Miscellaneous" section has taken the play of the load times section.
This is only temporary.  The Misc section will have some cool oddities, as well as some commercials
and other items of interest.  The load times are being added to individual game pages.  This is in the
works, but our 1st game page will be up soon and available for browsing.  Also, the neogeocd.net
message boards have moved to their final home.  The link has been changed in the menu bar to
direct you to the new address.  Keep checking back as the new updates (and 2 more reviews) will
be added shortly.


    10-29-04:  We have added more onto the master list.  Please check out the Neo Geo CD 
Master List here.
  The new information being added is the CD # (IE ADCD - 001, NGCD - 001 ..etc)
We are also in the process of creating game pages.  Each Neo Geo CD game will have its own page
and all corresponding information for that game will be on its respective page.  We'll have scans, inserts,
load times, screen shots, CD extras Categorized, and comparisons between the AES/MVS counterparts.
Keep checking back as we are starting to roll out the updates.


    10-27-04:   We have just received the new Neo Geo CD F.A.Q. By Takumaji.  You can see 
the new F.A.Q.  in the reviews and F.A.Q. section.  A big thanks goes out to Boris for his addition
to our site.


    10-05-04:   We are transferring sites within the next 1-2 months.  Pretty Soon, www.neogeocd.net 
will be transferred to www.egameaddicts.com  and then both sites will be transferred to be stored on 
www.egameaddiction.com.   Game Addiction will be transferring to a dedicated server and all 3 sites will
be there together.  We have already transferred the forums to a much more stable AND faster loading
forum system called Simple Machines Forums.  Please click here for the new neogeocd.net message board.
Our old neogeocd.net message board is archived here: www.egameaddicts.com/forum.  We cannot get the
posts to transfer over, so we'll have to start from scratch.   If you wish, help us post up the boards.

When neogeocd.net transfers to the Game Addiction site, it will be hosted at:
www.egameaddiction.com/neogeocd.   The www.neogeocd.net and www.neogeocd.com domains
will still be fully functioning and will take you to the current site. 

We are excited about the move as this will help us gain more traffic, update the sites faster, and will provide
our users with a better forum, faster site, and MORE content.  We will have updates ready to go and you will
see more information here about the Neo Geo CD system.

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to: neogeocd@neogeocd.net OR


    05-29-04:  Fatal Fury 3 New/Jpn for the Neo Geo CD has arrive at Game Addiction, 
click here if you are looking for Fatal Fury 3.  The CD selection has also increased to over 56 games 

Please check out the new Neo Geo CD Last Blade review  by Winter, many thanks go out to her for another
great review!  

The forums are growing as we have many more members, and more coming weekly.  If you want, please
join up and be included in our discussions.


    04-25-04:  More Product (Neo CD) has been added to the Game Addiction Shop:
www.egameaddiction.com/store.  Please keep checking the site for your Neo CD games
systems and accessories, AS WELL AS Gamecube, Xbox, Ps2, and back to the NES.  

Also, please check out the new mod guide made by our forum member Sai
It is located here:  Mod Guide.  Please check it out, and a big thanks goes out to
Sai for contributing to our site!

    03-22-04:   The Sonic Wings 2 review is now up, much thanks go to Winter for making the review.
We will be adding more reviews and information as they are done.  If you would like to do a review,
add to neogeocd.net in someway, or maybe you have suggestions, please drop them to: 

    03-20-04:   A few more additions have been added to the Master List, approximately 10 more.
We now have about 120 members and  over  2400  posts in the forums.  Please feel free to log in and
join up as we would like to get a few more frequent members.

Over 45 unique Neo Geo CD titles are listed (new and used) at www.egameaddiction.com/store.  There
are also a few accessories, ac adaptors, etc.  Please keep watching the page as we get more in stock.
We will have a lot more stock going to Game Addiction as MANY games have just arrived.

Also, more content will be coming to neogeocd.net soon.  We have a Sonic Wings 2 review, as well as
new game pages that will have game information, review links, images of the games, and interesting
information.  Please keep your eye on the site.  My time has been limited for new updates, so I will
be doing what I can to update the site.  A Big THANKS goes out to all who are helping with this site.


     01-23-04:   A few more additions have been added to the Master List, approximately 5-7 more.
We now have about 81 members and  close to 1300 posts in the forums.  Please feel free to log in and
join up as we would like to get a few more frequent members.

Game Addiction's online store is now up.  Over 42 unique Neo Geo CD titles are listed new and used.  There
are also a few accessories, ac adaptors, etc.  Please keep watching the page as we get more in stock.


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